Friday, July 06, 2007

Don't get me started on this ......

I've seen dogs in handbags, dogs in supermarket trolleys (in the FOOD compartment!), dogs in bread shops, dogs on buses, dogs in the metro (and just let your mind linger on the consequences of that...), dogs in restaurants attacking passing ankles from their hideout under the table but this was the one that did it.

She was sharing her food with it.

The dog is wearing a pearl necklace.

Would you like to sit on that barstool next?

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Learningtoblog said...

Just managed to catch up a bit with this elegant collection of yours again, Joan. School's nearly out for us now...

Some observations.
Dog-owners come in three categories: those who remember when they didn't have a dog; those who expect others to love their dogs as much as they do, and French dog-owners.

Anyway, on another topic, I think that most successful graphic designers are dyslexic - gifted in visual but non-linear perception. That probably explains why the latest logo for the Tour de France says "Le de Tour France" - starting in London today/tomorrow, as eny fule no.

But the London Olympics logo is still crap. It's the colour as much as anything. A colleague told me the designers will have followed exactly what those who engaged them said. His son is a graphic designer.

Talking of sons, we are glad that yours was OK after that risky stay in a hospital! We are looking forward to seeing ours when we go up to the Fringe in a few weeks.